maybe I should wear a warning that says that there’s danger if you get too close to me; [x]

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do you run Sterek-Stories?

There’s actually 3 of us: sinyhale, ssevendevils and me.

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If he asked, I’d be his.

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-The Howl in Sadness-

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He never thought Derek would be so gentle. 

Derek has always been rough edges, or at least it seemed— broken, jagged pieces of glass too dangerous to get near. But glass is ultimately the perfect metaphor, because Derek is fragile. He falls asleep to Stiles’ voice chatting over the phone, brings Stiles coffee because he knows he’s studying, and tears up when they watch sad movies. He always asks if Stiles is okay with what he’s doing when they have sex, and holds him close afterwards, carding his fingers through his hair with a look on his face that scares Stiles— frightens him because no one has ever looked at him like that and he wonders if that’s the same look on his face when he gazes at Derek. He wonders if he’s that fragile, too. He wonders if he’s capable of breaking Derek. 

Sometimes Derek tries to hide it, like the sharp, glistening edges of glass ward away touch. He masks fear under dry humor and sadness under anger. He won’t admit that Scott’s brotherly friendship with him means the world to him, that the Sheriff’s acceptance of his character is so important, or that he’s making tentative steps towards friendship with the Argents. He won’t say that he misses his family, or that he’s still guilty about Boyd and Erica. He won’t tell Stiles he’s terrified of screwing things up with their relationship, but Stiles can see it reflected back in those small, simple, affectionate actions that Derek doesn’t think twice about performing. He can see the cracks that haven’t broken away yet, and wonders about them— wonders if there’s a way to fix it all. 

All he knows is that he’d suffer every cut, every splinter digging into his skin, every painstaking hour piecing things back together to make it happen.

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-The Notebook-  

based from imdb

In a modern-day nursing home, an elderly man named D begins to read a love story from his notebook to a male fellow patient.

The story begins in 2011. At Beacon Hills, California, A Lonely Werewolf Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) sees seventeen-year-old Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) for the first time and is immediately smitten. He continuously refuses his persistent advances until their well-meaning friends lure them together; they then get to know each other on a midnight walk through empty bunker.

Derek and Stiles spend an idyllic summer together. One night, a week before Stiles is to leave town, he and Derek go up to an burnt house. Derek tells him that he hopes to fix the house, and Stiles makes him promise that the house will be white, with blue shutters, a walk-around porch, and a room that overlooks the creek so He can paint. They intend to make love for the first time, but are interrupted by Stiles’s friend Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) who werewolf too with the news that Stiles’s dad Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) have the police out looking for him. When Stiles returns home, his disapproving father ban him from seeing Derek again. Stiles fights with Derek outside and the two decide to break up. Stiles immediately regrets the decision but Derek drives away. The next morning, Stiles’s father reveals that they are going home that morning. Stiles frantically tries to find Derek, but is forced to leave without saying good-bye. Sheriff Stilinski then send Stiles to New York, where he begins attending College. Derek, devastated by his separation from Stiles, writes him one letter a day for a year, only to get no reply as Stiles’s dad keeps the letters from him. Derek and Stiles have no choice but to move on with their lives. Stiles continues to attend school, while Derek and Scott enlist to fight in Werewolf War. Scott is killed in battle. Stiles heard about what happened with his best friend and breaks down but he didn’t hear anything about Derek.

Stiles becomes a doctor for wounded people back to Beacon Hills. There, he meets the wealthy Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley), a well-connected young Cops who is handsome, sophisticated, and charming. The two eventually become engaged, to the joy of Stiles’s dad, although Stiles sees Derek’s face when Parrish asks to marry him.

When Derek returns home, he discovers his sister Cora Hale (Adelaide Kane) has sold their bunker so that help Derek can go ahead and fix The Burnt House. While visiting hospital to file some paper work of his family tragedy, Derek witnesses Stiles and Parrish kissing, causing Derek to go a little crazy, convincing himself that if he fixes up the house, Stiles will come back to him.

While trying on his wedding, Stiles is startled to read about Derek completing the house in the style section of a newspaper and faints. He visits Derek and he invites him to dinner, during which Stiles tells Derek about his engagement. Derek questions whether Stiles’s future husband is a good man and he reassures Derek that he is. Later in the evening, Derek invites Stiles to come back tomorrow.

In the present, it is made clear that the man is Stiles suffering from dementia, Frontotemporal Dementia, which has stolen his memories and D is his husband. Stiles does not recognize their grown children and grandchildren, who beg D to come home with them. He insists on staying with Stiles.

The next morning, Stiles and Derek go rowing on a nearby lake and begin to reminisce about their summer together. As a rain storm starts Derek rows to shore, where Stiles demands to know why Derek never wrote to him. After the revelation that Derek had indeed written to Stiles, they share a passionate kiss, before making love into the night.

The next day, Stiles’s father appears on Dereks doorstep, telling Stiles that Parrish has followed him to the house after Stiles’s father told him about Derek. His father takes stiles out for a drive to show him that there had been a time in his life when he could relate to Stiles’s present situation. On returning to Derek’s, he hands his son the bundle of 365 letters that Derek had written. When alone, Derek asks Stiles what he is going to do; Stiles is confused and confesses that he doesn’t know. Derek asks Stiles to just stay with him, admitting it is going to be really hard, but he is willing to go through anything because he wants to be with him. Confused as ever, Stiles drives off.

Stiles drives to the hotel and confesses to Parrish, who is angry but admits that he still loves him. He tells him that he does not want to convince his fiancée that he should be with him, but Stiles tells him he does not have to, because he already knows he should be with him.

The film goes back to the elderly couple, and D asks Stiles who he chose. He soon realizes the answer himself; young Stiles appears at Derek’s doorstep, having left Parrish at the hotel and chosen Derek. They embrace in reunion.

Elderly Stiles suddenly remembers his past before he and Derek / D joyfully spend a brief intimate moment together; after originally finding out about his illness, he had himself written their story in the notebook with the instructions for Derek to “Read this to me, and I’ll come back to you.” But soon Stiles relapses, losing his memories of Derek yet again. He panics, and has to be sedated by the attending physician. This proves to be too difficult for Derek to watch and he breaks down. The next morning, Derek is found unconscious in bed and he is rushed to the hospital; he later returns to the nursing home’s intensive care ward. He goes to Stiles’s room later that night, and Stiles remembers again. The next morning, a nurse finds them in bed together, having both died peacefully holding each other’s hands. The last scene shows a flock of birds flying away.

The End

me: please don’t touch me, i’m fragile …

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Observe actor Dylan O’Brien’s horror-struck expression as director Wes Ball talks about the one time a crew member got bit by a baby rattlesnake while working on the set of “The Maze Runner.” (That’s writer James Dashner giving Dylan a comforting pat after Wes finishes the story.) [x]

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"Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care, but because they don’t."

—Unknown   (via date)
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Dylan during the ‘Maze Runner’ press line at WonderCon Anaheim 2014 [19.04.2014]

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shut up, Derek.

Art for Raiders of the Lost Spark a story by marguerite26

this needs more notes because it is awesome!!!

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[ Khal Drogo ] Speed_Painting by AkiMao

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stiles stilinksi with chalk brush

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nothing left to cling to
only you

anonymous requested: sterek + i'm not alright // sanctus real
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