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3rd commission for the Hoechlin B-day project :))) 

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In which Stiles and Derek own a tattoo parlor.

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good night :D

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Creature!Sterek! I’m… sorry, but I… don’t think I’m sorry? The Dragons ideas was GREAT, but forbidden!Faun+Fish!Romance! won out. =P

Derek: …care to repeat what you said about waterfolks, you little rabbit? 
woah, woah, it’s deer, you aggressive naked fish dude!
Derek: …what?
Stiles: I’m a deer faun, not a rabbit faun!
Derek: I was referring to your heartbeat.
Stiles: …you can hear my heartbeat?
Derek: *arches eyebrow* *drums talons pointedly against the ground to mimic the quick pace*
Stiles: Creepy. I’m a mammal and I don’t have that good a hearing - also, personal space, dude! I don’t know what you guys do in the deep, but it’s a thing we have, us landwalkers. Personal. Space. You’re getting my coat all wet.
Derek: You’re an odd one.
Stiles: Am not. I’ll have you know I’m a really nice and sought-after faun in my community!
Derek: I find the nice part unlikely.
Stiles: …but not the sought after part? That a roundabout way to tell me how handsome I am?
Derek: *shrugs* I suppose.
Stiles: *chokes*

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(。-_-。 )人( 。-_-。)

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2.12 // 4.12

 (via haletostilinski)

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Dylan O’Brien doesn’t laugh, he explodes with joy 

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( O . O )

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4x06 // 4x12

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And you let him go. 

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You’re not allowed to give up, Derek. Not now. Not ever.
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1.04 | 2.04 | 3.10 | 4.12

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sterek: smoke & mirrors

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"Derek is enough."

"Am I dreaming?"

"Just drunk."

"Mh, nice drunk.”

Sterek AU: Stiles thinks he might have fallen asleep or had a bit too much to drink (it’s totally Scott’s fault because he didn’t come to watch over him) and now there is a naked Derek in front of him. But Derek was just on a run in his wolf form until the scent of StilesStilesStiles hit him.

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